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Wesley – Calgary Newborn Photography

Wesley couldn’t wait to join his mom and dad, so he came a bit early and was still quite small for our photoshoot.  However, he is determined to grow  quickly. I don’t think I have ever seen a baby feed so many times during a session.

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Ethiopia January 2014

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This past January, I visited Ethiopia to celebrate Christmas in Lalibela and witness the Timket festival in Gondar.

Unfortunately, for many people the name Ethiopia summons visions of famine and starvation, rather than its long interesting history and diverse cultures. I started my trip in the Tigray region of the Ethiopian Highlands. Tigray is famous for its “Cave” churches. These churches are often located up high on the side of cliffs and offer spectacular views. As interesting as the Tigray region was, nothing can compare you for Lalibela at Christmas. Although the churches carved directly out of the bedrock are spectacular, it is the white clad pilgrims and the reverent atmosphere they create that make Lalibela truly special. Although, Timket is also a religious festival it has a much more youthful and energetic atmosphere, filled with singing, dancing, and frenetic movement. My visit to the Omo Valley really demonstrated Ethiopia’s amazing cultural diversity. A visit to the tribes of the Lower Omo Valley is as close to time travel as you can get. The people here are semi-pastor and many live a lifestyle that has not changed in thousands of years. Often the only technology you can see are Ak-47’s and the occasional cellular phone.

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Hard to believe that I shot Maggie’s newborn photos just over a year ago.

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Pam & Russ – Fairmont Palliser Calgary Wedding

February 22nd was a very cold day for a wedding, thankfully Pam and Russ didn’t let this damper their spirits. It also didn’t hurt that the wedding was at a wonderful venue – the Fairmont Palliser Hotel.

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Cameron – Calgary Newborn Photography

Last weekend I visited the Ens family in Airdrie to photograph their 9 day old son Cameron. He was joined by two lovely sisters.

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Introducing Aaliyah – Calgary newborn photography

This past Saturday Debbie and I met and photographed the very sweet 9-day old Aaliyah. It took her awhile to get settled, but it was worth the wait.

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Last Sunday my cousin Trese and her husband, Steven, visited with their new baby boy, Liam. Liam is very cute, but a bit of a rascal. He, on more than one occasion, peed right on my camera. I guess that was his way of saying the photo shoot had gone on long enough.

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Emiko Ayas

This past weekend, Debbie and me met my good friend’s new baby girl, Emiko. In Japanese Emiko means blessing and after Tim and Shar had three boys, I think that is a very appropriate name.

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