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Engagement session with a minature husky

Two weekends ago I met with Caroline and Jason at their first home in Evanston and I was greeted by Caliya, a Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky).  She wasn’t sure what to make of me at first, but did settle down for some photos. I can’t decide who is cuter, the dog or Caroline and Jason as a couple.

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Jack – Calgary Newborn Photography

Although I met Jack when he was only 13 days old, he was already to busy too sleep. 4 hours and not a wink. Thankfully, despite being awake, he was well behaved and had beautiful blue eyes.

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Tristan Caffrey

This past week I got to meet a new second cousin, Tristan. He was only 8 days old but he was a big boy, 99th percentile in length. He may end up towering over his parents, Mike an Claire. We even got Tristan’s sister Serena in on the action. Calgary Newborn Photograpny ( Read more

Ann Marie & Cameron – Calgary Wedding Photography

How many weddings feature both kilts, a croquette match and a slurpee machine? Very fun wedding.

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Introducting Syan

Debbie and I got to meet and photograph Syan and his sister last weekend. Syan arrived a couple of weeks early and at 10 days old was just over 6 pounds. As you can see he was very cute.

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Jane & Will Calgary Wedding Photography – Bonterra

On June 30th I was asked to photograph Jane’s and Will’s wedding celebrations. They selected a fabulous intimate venue, Bonterra restaurant, and I don’t think I have experienced a more enjoyable wedding reception. Jane and Will were surrounded by a great group of family and friends.

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Mallary & Colm Banff Engagement Photography

Two weeks ago, thankfully before the flooding, Mallary and Colm joined me in Banff for an engagement session which included Two Jack Lake and the Banff Spring Hotel.

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Melanie & Jeff – Calgary Engagement Session

On Sunday I got lucky with the weather and I was able to photograph Melanie’s and Jeff’s engagement session. It is easy when the couple looks as good together as they do.

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