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Natalia – Calgary Newborn Photography

Natalia was only 9 days old and a pleasure to photograph. Her brother, Phoenix, couldn’t wait to join in the action.

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Boake Family Photo Session

Last weekend I photographed my sister’s family in downtown Calgary. The amazingly cute kids are Kohen and Jade.

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Nora & Ryan – Banff Engagement Photography

On the 21st Nora, Ryan and I headed to Banff National Park for to take some engagement photographs. Despite the forecast calling for partly cloudy weather, we ran into a torrential downpour. However, the gods smiled on Ryan and Nora and the storm passed quickly and we were able to get some photographs before the light was lost.

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Charlene & Albert – Calgary Wedding Photography

Despite the tremendous amount of rain we revived on  Sept. 7th, Charlene, Albert and their families still partied hard and made the wedding a day to remember. Calgary Wedding Photography Read more

Melanie & Jeff – Caglary Wedding Photography

This past weekend a longtime family friend was married in an intimate ceremony at the bride’s parents’ home in Varsity. This was followed by a fantastic reception at the Winter Club. The couple is truly loved by a huge number of friends and family.

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Mallary & Colm- Kelona Wedding

Last weekend I was invited to photograph Mallary and Colm’s wedding in British Columbia. They decided to have the wedding at a vineyard just outside of Kelowna because they wanted a beautiful location that their friends and family from across North America could enjoy. It was a great choice, both the setting and the company were spectacular.

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Andi and Dan Canmore Wedding Photography

Who knew brooms in trees work better than umbrellas? Andi and Dan planned a wonderful outdoor wedding at a campground near Canmore, there was only one issue, the forecast called for rain and the skies looked ominous. Thankfully Andi and Dan’s relatives knew the old superstition- putting brooms in trees ward of the rain. Thankfully the brooms worked and the day and wedding turned out to be amazing, just like the couple.

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Engagement session with a minature husky

Two weekends ago I met with Caroline and Jason at their first home in Evanston and I was greeted by Caliya, a Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky).  She wasn’t sure what to make of me at first, but did settle down for some photos. I can’t decide who is cuter, the dog or Caroline and Jason as a couple.

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