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Maggie & Quyen – Calgary Wedding Photographyer

On June 1st, Maggie and Quyen were married in a wonderful ceremony in Tuscany. However the festivities started much earlier in the day with Tea Ceremonies first and Maggie’s parent’s home and then at Quyen’s Parent’s home. Since both had large families visiting to celebrate the festivities, there was a lot of tea served! Quyen’s broken foot didn’t damper the celebration one bit.

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Introducing Kaden – Calagry newborn photography

Last weekend Debbie and I met and photographed Kaden and the rest of the very photogenic Shariff family. Both Kaden and his brother Keean posed wonderfully for the camera.

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Charlene & Albert – Calgary Wedding Photography

I had my first engagement session of the year a couple of weeks ago on a chilly May 10th evening. The session included my first trip to the Peace Bridge, which I though would work well for Charlene & Albert who are a very fashionable couple.

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Ginny & Thanh May 19th, 2013 Fish Creek – Calgary Wedding Photography

I have known Ginny for several years and it was wonderful to be able to capture the moments her wedding.  The wedding was beautifully orchestrated but also a lot of fun. The groom Thanh was forced through a series of challenges, including eating strange food and dancing Gangnam Style before he was allowed to meet his bride.


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Lawrick Extended Family Session

Debbie and I were lucky to have the opportunity to photograph the Lawrick family once again. This time in addition to their two adorable children, Ty and Ava, Julia invited her parents (Marion and Henry) and her brother Paul’s family. Instead of throwing leaves at her brother and Laila as instructed, Ava decided that it would be more fun to stuff dried leaves down my shirt. Debbie thought that was quite funny and encouraged her.

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Maggie & Quyen Engagement Session – Calgary Wedding Photogrpahy

Last Sunday  I photographed Maggie and Quyen’s  engagement session. Quyen was a trooper, he didn’t let the fact he has a broken foot and had to rely on crutches to get around to put a damper on the session. They were a wonderful couple to photograph.

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Godden + Connolly Wedding – Calgary Wedding Photography

Oliver – Calgary Newborn Photography

The weekend of the March 30th was a busy one with three baby shoots. The last shoot was of Oliver. The very handsome son of Daga and Benjamin, a couple whose wedding I photographed at Heritage Park not too long ago. Oliver’s brother Eliot was busy playing for most of the shoot, but we also managed to capture a couple images of him as well.

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