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Very cute 4 week old.

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Dawn’s and Brian’s very cute 6 month old Sophie. She is obviously destined to be a ballerina.

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Last Tuesday my wife and I had the opportunity to photograph Janice and Graig’s  very cute 7 day old new born.

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Chad and Keslie’s very cute and agreeable child Lukas.

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Julianne & Jordan 2012

Julianne and Jordan were wed on Feb 18th, 2012 on a surprisingly lovely February day in Calgary. The ceremony was at St. Mary’s Cathedral and the reception was held at Theatro Restaurant. As you can see they are an exceedingly cute couple.





I recently returned from an amazing trip to Myanmar. I know that Myanmar has gotten a lot of bad press. Although the repressive government is making incremental improvements, it is far from being acceptable. Despite the impoverished and repressive conditions the people of Myanmar are incredibly friendly and the country has great sites to visit.

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