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Maëlle – Calgary Newborn Photography

Introducing Maëlle. She was born Jan 3, 2015 and was joined by her loving brother Xavier.

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Arjun Sing Minhas

Introducing the newest member of the Minahs Family. Arjun was born Janurary 15, 2015.

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2014 Year in Review

2014 was an amazing year. On a personal note, my beautiful wife became a wonderful mother when my son Nathaniel was born on April 7th.

I had a ton of great brides and grooms and photographed some amazing weddings. The following slideshow shows a few of my favorite wedding, engagement, and family photos from the year (it was very hard to choose).

I also got to traveled to Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea to take photographs of amazing people and cultures (see



Edmundson Family – Calgary Family Photography

Took advantage of some nice weather last week and photographed the fun Edmundson family in fish creek park.

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Papua New Guinea & Sydney – Sean Caffrey Travel Photography

This past September, I was able to witness the Goroka Sing Sing in Papua New Guinea. It is quite a spectacle; ethnic groups from across the Highland provinces come together at Goroka to preform traditional dances and dress in traditional costumes. After spending several days in and around Goroka, I traveled to an isolated region of the East Sepik Province on the Karawari River. The only way to get there, reasonably quickly, is by a chartered flight that lands on a grass covered landing strip carved out of the jungle. The people of this region have an incredibly interesting culture. It wasn’t too long ago that the coming of age rituals required boys to participate in head-hunting raids and drink the brain soup made out of their victims. I finished my stay in Papua New Guinea in the Southern Highlands province, near Tari. This is the home of the Huli Wigmen. The Huli are known for their wigs, yellow face paint, fierce tempers, and the bird of paradise feathers they wear on ceremonial occasions. How many people can say they have visited a wig making school run by a Huli shaman? Although Papua New Guinea has a reputation of being a dangerous place, it is really only the cities and the villages that are near to the mining and liquified natural gas projects that have serious issues. Once you get away from these area,s the people are friendly and very interesting.

On my way home I stopped in Sydney for a couple of days. It was nice but not nearly as interesting as Papua New Guinea.

More images ( PNG /Sydney)

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Olivia- Calgary newborn photography

A friend from Deb’s work, Nicole, came by with a very small and sweet newborn. Olivia was just 5 days old and 5 pounds 6 ounces.

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Thomas Family- Calgary Family Photogarphy

Nice weather, lovely fall leaves, and a beautiful family. This photoshoot couldn’t have been easier.

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Brenda & Ken 25th Anniversary

25th anniversary photoshoot, what a great idea. I had a great time with Brenda and Ken downtown and at confederation park. They even brought a old wedding photograph and their wedding photo album as props. It seems like they have found the secret for a long lasting wedding.
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