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Natalie and Greg – Calgary Wedding Photography

Although July 28th was one of my longer weddings, it was wonderful. Thunderstorms threatened to impose their will on the day, but thankfully they never materialized. The groom started early with an old fashioned shave, with a straight razor, at the South Trail Crossing Barbershop. A very lively ceremony was held at the St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church. Afterwards photos were taken at Fish Creek Park and Heritage Park, before the reception at the Wainwright hotel. We even managed to squeeze in a few sunset shots before Natalie and Greg’s the first dance.


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Maria & Sepp- Boundary Ranch Wedding

On June 21st, I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely couple in fantastic location, Kananaskis Country. Although  the weather forecast called for thunderstorms, the sun shone all day. The couple started, and finished the day, at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis and held their ceremony and reception at the Boundary Ranch. As horse lovers, this was the ideal location. The only small downside to selecting this location was Maria’s horse was too far away to attend.
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Calgary Wedding Photography- Cochrane RanchHouse

On June 21st Sara and Matt were wed at the Cochrane Ranchhouse. You know you are in for something unique when to groomsmen have specially ordered camouflage tuxedo vests.

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Indroducting Jake Patrick Daly – Calgary new born photogrphay

Last weekend Jake along with his Mom (Mariel), grandma, and he best friend (the dog) visited my studio. Jake was tiny, he was born a bit early and only weighed 5lbs 9oz at birth (May 4th, 2014). He was so well behaved we even had time to include the dog in the photoshoot.

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Natalie & Greg- Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Engagement Session

Last weekend I joined Natalie and Greg in Banff for an engagement session. Banff played a special role in their relationship. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day. Consequently, we sought shelter in the Banff Springs Hotel.

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Nathaniel Thomas Alexandar Caffrey

For those that haven’t met Nate yet, I am very happy to introduce my son Nathaniel Thomas Alexander Caffrey. Born April 7th, 8.9 pounds and 22.5 inches.
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Wesley – Calgary Newborn Photography

Wesley couldn’t wait to join his mom and dad, so he came a bit early and was still quite small for our photoshoot.  However, he is determined to grow  quickly. I don’t think I have ever seen a baby feed so many times during a session.

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Ethiopia January 2014

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This past January, I visited Ethiopia to celebrate Christmas in Lalibela and witness the Timket festival in Gondar.

Unfortunately, for many people the name Ethiopia summons visions of famine and starvation, rather than its long interesting history and diverse cultures. I started my trip in the Tigray region of the Ethiopian Highlands. Tigray is famous for its “Cave” churches. These churches are often located up high on the side of cliffs and offer spectacular views. As interesting as the Tigray region was, nothing can compare you for Lalibela at Christmas. Although the churches carved directly out of the bedrock are spectacular, it is the white clad pilgrims and the reverent atmosphere they create that make Lalibela truly special. Although, Timket is also a religious festival it has a much more youthful and energetic atmosphere, filled with singing, dancing, and frenetic movement. My visit to the Omo Valley really demonstrated Ethiopia’s amazing cultural diversity. A visit to the tribes of the Lower Omo Valley is as close to time travel as you can get. The people here are semi-pastor and many live a lifestyle that has not changed in thousands of years. Often the only technology you can see are Ak-47’s and the occasional cellular phone.

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