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Karen & Tyler – Wedding Phtography

My last wedding of the year was extra special. The bride (Karen) was a very close friend of my wife and my wife was in the wedding party. The wedding was held in Picton Ontario in a beautiful stone church. We visited the family farm for the bridal party photos and the reception was held in Crystal Palace. Karen did an amazing job with the fall themed decorations.

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Rachel & Richard – Calgary Wedding Photography

On October 12th, Rachel and Richard were married in an amazing Catholic ceremony at Calgary’s Sacred heart church. The ceremony included 10 priests and was presided over by Rachel’s brother. As a surprise for Richard, Rachel hired an antique Bentley and chauffeur for the day. The day concluded with a reception at the Blue Devil Golf Course where Rachel and Richard were surrounded by their family and friends.

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Fung & Anshone – Calgary Wedding Photography

Although Fung and Anshone were officially married in China, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate their wedding in Calgary with all their family and friends. So they got dressed up and had a great party at the Forbidden City Restaurant.

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Charlene & Albert – Calgary Wedding Photography

Despite the tremendous amount of rain we revived on  Sept. 7th, Charlene, Albert and their families still partied hard and made the wedding a day to remember. Calgary Wedding Photography Read more

Melanie & Jeff – Caglary Wedding Photography

This past weekend a longtime family friend was married in an intimate ceremony at the bride’s parents’ home in Varsity. This was followed by a fantastic reception at the Winter Club. The couple is truly loved by a huge number of friends and family.

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Mallary & Colm- Kelona Wedding

Last weekend I was invited to photograph Mallary and Colm’s wedding in British Columbia. They decided to have the wedding at a vineyard just outside of Kelowna because they wanted a beautiful location that their friends and family from across North America could enjoy. It was a great choice, both the setting and the company were spectacular.

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Andi and Dan Canmore Wedding Photography

Who knew brooms in trees work better than umbrellas? Andi and Dan planned a wonderful outdoor wedding at a campground near Canmore, there was only one issue, the forecast called for rain and the skies looked ominous. Thankfully Andi and Dan’s relatives knew the old superstition- putting brooms in trees ward of the rain. Thankfully the brooms worked and the day and wedding turned out to be amazing, just like the couple.

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Ann Marie & Cameron – Calgary Wedding Photography

How many weddings feature both kilts, a croquette match and a slurpee machine? Very fun wedding.

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